Pentominos project
under Borland C++ Builder 6

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How to
An application to play Pentominos on grids of different sizes,
the aim is to place exatly the 12 pentominos on the grid.

Executable and sources are provided.

Let's start for presenting a screen capture of the application :

Pentominos are 12 figures made of five squares each.
You must arrange the squares, so that they must have in common at least one side.
Then you can place these pentominos on a grid to fit exactly, let say 5x12=60 squares (if there is no hole on the grid).

It is possible to choose other grid sizes like the 3x20 :

For this version v 1.0, you can interract with the puzzle but it will not solve the problem for you !
Future works have to deal with this... using Back tracking algorithms ? W&S.

Some interesting web sites :

Programme usage

All can be done via the mouse and its three buttons :
Left click on the tool buttons to drag and drop the chosen pentominos on the grid.
Right click while in this mode to rotate the pentomino, middle click to flip it.
You are only allowed to drop it on a empty place, you can also drop it on the right of the grid (or press Escape key) to cancel.
Left click on the down tool button to remove a dropped pentominos. You can also left click on the pentomino that is on the grid to move, rotate it again.
You change the size of the grid using the menu. This action clears the grid.

How it works :
Have a look to the sources.

Download :
If you want to compile it again, you will need Borland C++ Builder 6 and :
pentoappli_src_v1.arj   Sources in Borland C++ Builder 6.
For a direct use click below :   The executable, ready to use.

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Last update : 1 january 2006