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My Thesis work is related to vector control of induction motor. Thanks to the decoupling between flux control and torque control, it is possible to obtein a high-dynamic response of the machine. These methods could only be implemented thanks to the considerable expansion of micro electronic and power electronic.

There are many possible control strategies with differents consequences (dynamical behaviour, robustness...). Besides, while some give good simulation resultats, they cannot be implanted. With such problems, the machine models must therefore be refined and new research areas must be investigated The studies carried out must be validated only with a test bench. This has led us to develop it.
It is the analysis of the simulation and experimental results that allowed us to tune our control algorithms and bring new ones (based on fuzzy logic and neural networks). These works have been published in international conferences and journals.

Résumé du mémoire de Thèse [J1]
Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neural networks are increasingly used in greatly varied applications. We propose to study them for the identification and the control of the induction motor. More particularly, we use the genetic algorithms in order to identify the parameters of the transient model of the machine. Controllers, based on fuzzy logic and neural networks, are implemented within a rotor-flux oriented control scheme.

The influence of variation of the parameters on the operation of the system is also investigated. Faulty induction machines are considered in the case of rotor broken bars. The diagnosis of these defects and their influence on the behaviour of the control are studied.

Lastly, an improvement of the mechanical-sensorless vector control is presented opening a new way towards "intelligent control". Thanks to the ever increasing power of processors, such techniques can be used to replace the sensor.

A simulation tool elaborated along with the thesis made it possible to develop the studies presented here. Particular care was devoted to the experimental side, the only guarantee of the feasibility and validation of the study.

Keywords : Induction machine, Vector control, Fuzzy logic, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Identification, Fault diagnosis, Sensorless control.

Theses works are carried at the laboratoire GREEN under the direction of Professer A. REZZOUG
Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Electronique de Nancy
Faculté des Sciences, BP 239, 54506, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy
Direction : Professeur .

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